Voting Rights

Americans deserve free and fair elections, and every citizen should have the right to vote in them. But Georgia’s Republican-controlled legislature has pursued restrictions on the right to vote in a cynical attempt to disenfranchise minority communities. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that in the 2020 election, nonwhite voters had to wait for an average of 8x longer to cast their ballot than white voters.

Georgia’s 7th State Senate district needs a leader who will stand up to the Republican assault on our democracy and fight to ensure that our right to vote is protected. When elected, Nabilah will lead the charge in expanding access to the ballot and make sure every single American can make their voice heard.

As State Senator Nabilah will fight to:

  • End election board takeovers by Republicans which led to Sunday voting being canceled in one county

  • Eliminate burdensome requirements for absentee voting

  • Expand the number of early voting locations and 24/7 absentee drop boxes .

  • Expand resources to assist Georgians with disabilities and senior voters

  • Advocate for same-day voter registration on Election Day and during Early Voting.

  • Require voting materials to be available in different languages

Nabilah was endorsed by Fair Fight, as well as the New Georgia Project’s affiliated PAC. Both organizations were founded by Stacey Abrams to help fight voter suppression and protect the right to vote.

Health Care & Medicaid Expansion

Every American should have access to affordable, quality health care. Unfortunately, Republicans in the state legislature have refused to expand Medicaid due to petty, partisan politics – leaving billions in federal funding on the table and hundreds of thousands of Georgians without care.

Nabilah believes that health care is a human right that should be guaranteed to every single American. As your state Senator, Nabilah will fight to fully expand Medicaid and ensure that good-quality health care is treated as a human right, not a luxury.

As State Senator, Nabilah will fight to:

  • Expand Medicaid, granting hundreds of thousands of Georgians good-quality health care

  • Reduce inequities in health care outcomes, like maternal mortality rates that are disproportionately higher for Black women

  • Fully fund for our public health agencies and hospitals


As a graduate of Gwinnett County public schools, Nabilah understands the urgent need to ensure all students have access to high-quality education regardless of the neighborhood they live in or their parent's socioeconomic status.

Every child in Georgia deserves a quality education, but Georgia’s public schools have been chronically underfunded for years by politicians who refused to adequately invest in schools. When there is a crisis, our leaders cut education funding first, putting our children’s future at risk. I’ll fight to ensure we fully fund education and that public dollars only go to public schools.

All too often, teachers have been forced to pay out of pocket for basic supplies to meet their students’ needs, and students in lower-income communities have been left behind due to a lack of resources. We need to ensure schools have the tools they need to succeed and that teachers are paid competitive salaries.

As State Senator, Nabilah will fight to:

  • Empower teachers to teach a curriculum that is educator driven not politician driven

  • Increase the salaries of teachers and pay them like the professionals they are

  • Increase funding for underserved public schools so that every kid has the same access to quality resources no matter what zip code they live in

  • End the school to prison pipeline and eliminate disciplinary inequities that disproportionately affect Black and brown students

Nabilah is proud to be endorsed by Gwinnett School Board Chairwoman Dr. Tarece Johnson.

Economic Opportunity, Entrepreneurship, Workers’ Rights & Standing Up to Corporations

Growing up in a working-class immigrant family and building a successful small business herself, Nabilah has learned the importance of uplifting families from all economic backgrounds. Gwinnett deserves a state senator that will ensure economic opportunity is available to everyone.

Nabilah will always support small businesses’ ability to thrive and will work to encourage entrepreneurship among Georgians. Nabilah will also protect and expand workers’ rights to collective bargaining, fair wages, and better working conditions. As a strong supporter of unions, she will stand alongside workers to fight for their labor to be rewarded to the fullest extent they deserve.

Nabilah will always stand up to big corporations who try to rip off consumers, take advantage of workers, and kill small businesses. As your state senator, Nabilah will stand up to corporate greed to ensure small business owners and workers are given the fair shot they deserve.

Minimum Wage

Georgia’s minimum wage is stuck at a pathetic $5.15 per hour, tied for the lowest in the country (with Wyoming!). Nabilah’s opponent has said this should be raised to the federal minimum wage, $7.25, which hasn’t been raised in over a decade! That’s not good enough. Workers deserve at least $15 an hour - and it should be pegged to inflation and the cost of living. Workers need to make a living wage so that they can pay for a decent place to live and feed themselves and their families. When corporations depress wages, they are creating a burden for the rest of society to take care of their workers for them. Every worker deserves the dignity of a living wage, and Nabilah will fight for it.

Affordable Housing

Gwinnett needs more affordable housing. Full stop. One-third of our county’s population cannot afford a starter home which includes people like our teachers, firefighters, police officers, librarians, and county employees. People are being priced out because of a housing shortage from new single-family homes to new apartments, especially as we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nabilah is committed to enacting statewide standards that ensure appropriate affordable housing requirements so that everyone can have access to homeownership.

Reproductive Freedom & Women’s Healthcare

Nearly fifty years after Roe v Wade was decided, access to reproductive healthcare should not even be a question. But the Republicans in the Georgia legislature continue pushing extreme limits on our reproductive rights and health. They’ve already rammed through an unconstitutional six-week abortion ban that jeopardizes Georgians’ health, safety, and freedom.

Gwinnett deserves someone who will make women’s healthcare and reproductive rights a priority. Nabilah strongly believes that a woman’s right to an abortion is fundamental and must be protected. As your state Senator, she will fight back against the GOP’s attacks and make sure that reproductive rights are not taken away from Georgians.

Nabilah was endorsed by #VoteProChoice a leading national organization on reproductive freedom.

LGBTQ+ Equality

Nabilah will fight every day against GOP fear mongering that puts our LGBTQ+ community at risk. She will be an ally for the LGBTQ+ community in the State Senate. Georgia does not have a comprehensive civil rights law that outlaws discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Nabilah is committed to passing civil rights legislation that would protect individuals from discrimination in housing, public accomadations and employment. Everyone deserves equal protection under the law.

Environmental Policy

The climate crisis is an existential threat to the environment and our communities here in Georgia. We must act urgently to ensure bold action is taken to secure a safe and habitable planet for future generations. The push toward renewable energy gives us the opportunity to create good-paying union jobs, upgrade our infrastructure, improve public health, and help to preserve the environment.

As your next state senator Nabilah will tackle the climate crisis and environmental justice to ensure all communities in Gwinnett can thrive in the future ahead.

Expanding MARTA to Gwinnett

Gwinnett has already suffered from our leaders’ failure to expand MARTA. Two Fortune 500 companies – NCR and West Rock – have left our community for more transit-accessible areas. We also need transit to alleviate traffic congestion in our district. Nabilah will work to expand MARTA into Gwinnett County to protect good jobs, spur economic growth to build a strong local economy, and reduce our carbon footprint for a cleaner Gwinnett.

Crime, Guns, and Justice Reform

Our criminal justice system has failed us all, especially Black and brown people. For far too long, the legal system has been used as a weapon toward underserved people. It's time for real criminal justice reform and to decriminalize poverty.

As State Senator, Nabilah will fight to:

  • Legalize cannabis and expunge cannabis convictions

  • End cash bail

  • Reduce recidivism by supporting job training and job placement programs for returning citizens

  • Abolish the death penalty

  • Address the root causes of crime and invest in underserved communities

Many calls for help are mental health crises and need the appropriate resources for effective and safe resolutions. As State Senator, I’ll fight for more mental health professionals working with our police departments in responding to such calls. This will result in more compassionate care and better outcomes for those experiencing a mental health episode or experiencing homelessness and empower us to guide them to the treatment they need. In doing so, our police officers will be able to focus on reducing violent crime.

Kemp’s “criminal carry” law where you no longer need a permit to purchase a gun has made our community less safe and when elected she will work to repeal this law that endangers our schools, women and law enforcement.  Nabilah will sponsor legislation to require anyone that wants to purchase a gun to obtain a permit and background check. That should be the floor, not the ceiling.