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Protecting Abortion Rights

The unthinkable happened when the extremist Trump-McConnell Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade – giving right-wing legislatures across the country the ability to enact complete bans against abortion and other restrictive measures. Here in Georgia, the legislature enacted an extreme six-week abortion ban. Six weeks is only two weeks after a missed period – before most women even know they’re pregnant!  My opponent supports the ban and has suggested he’d go even further. The Republicans won’t just stop at abortion. The right to birth control is also under attack. We absolutely must fight back against these Republican attacks on our rights. When I’m in the legislature, I’ll never back down from protecting the right to an abortion – and I’ll sponsor legislation to overturn the Republican abortion ban and enshrine the right to birth control into law.

As State Senator, I will:

- Defend the right to an abortion

- Protect birth control

- Fully fund women’s healthcare

- Fight to overturn the extreme Republican six-week abortion ban

Our campaign has been endorsed by VoteProChoice.

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