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Keeping Our Communities Safe

We absolutely must keep our communities safe – both from crime and from the epidemic of gun violence. Governor Kemp’s extreme “criminal carry” law creates a new gun safety loophole that makes it easier for criminals to carry a hidden, loaded gun in public without a permit. It’s outrageous and will make our neighborhoods and our children less safe. It also makes the job of law enforcement much harder. I will work to repeal that law. I will also work to enact common-sense gun safety measures like background checks, and I’ll give law enforcement the tools they need to keep our communities safe.

I will also work to reduce criminal recidivism, provide resources dedicated to de-escalation techniques, and fully fund mental health services. And in order to help police focus on real crime, it’s time to legalize marijuana. Cannabis is already legal in 19 states, and 37 states allow it for medical use. It’s time for Georgia to join the club. People who smoke weed don’t belong in our court system.

As State Senator, I will fight to:

- Keep illegal guns off our streets

- Repeal Governor Kemp’s extreme “criminal carry” law

- Enact background checks and common sense gun safety measures

- Invest in de-escalation techniques and measures to reduce criminal recidivism

- Fully fund mental health services

- Give law enforcement the resources they need to keep us safe

- Legalize cannabis and expunge cannabis convictions

Our Campaign received the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Distinction.

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