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Increasing Teacher Pay

I’m a proud graduate of Gwinnett County’s public schools. My parents were working class immigrants and wanted to make sure I had the best education possible so that I could have opportunities they never had. The public schools are why they raised me in Gwinnett. Every child deserves a high-quality public education. I will never back down from fully funding our schools and fighting to make sure that every child can have the best education possible regardless of their neighborhood or their parent's income. For too long, the Republicans have been cutting money from our public schools. My opponent wants to divert even more funds away from public schools. We can’t allow that to happen.

As State Senator, I will fight to:

- Increase funding for underserved public schools so that every kid has the same access to quality resources no matter what zip code they live in

- Increase teacher pay

- Level the playing field and make sure that all students have the same opportunities regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background

- Keep politicians out of our classrooms

Our campaign was endorsed by Gwinnett County School Board Chair Dr. Tarece Johnson.

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