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More Money in Families' Pockets

I grew up in a working-class immigrant family, and I watched my parents work hard to make ends meet. I understand the importance of making sure the economy works for everybody – not just millionaires and corporations.  I will always fight for higher wages, more jobs, and lower prices for Georgia families. I will never waver from the rights of workers. I will support more investments in our small business owners to make sure that they have the ability to compete and thrive. And I will always stand up to the powerful corporations who try to rip off consumers, take advantage of workers, and kill small businesses.

I will fight corporate greed, and I will work to make sure that small businesses and workers have a fair shot in our economy. That includes raising the minimum wage and getting housing prices under control. Families can’t even afford to buy homes anymore on middle-class salaries, and rent continues to rise as wages stay the same. We need to raise wages and lower the cost of living for the middle class and working class Georgians. We also need to make sure that millionaires, billionaires, and greedy corporations are paying their fair share of taxes – so that we can reduce the burden on everyone else. It’s not right when a CEO is paying less in taxes than his receptionist – or when teachers and firefighters have to pay more in taxes than hedge fund and private equity managers.

As State Senator, I will fight to:

- Raise wages

- Lower housing costs

- Fight inflation to keep costs down

- Invest in small businesses

- Protect and defend worker rights

- Stand up to greedy corporations

- Make the tax code fair – make millionaires, billionaires and corporations pay their fair share and reduce the burden on the rest of us

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