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Climate & Infrastructure

The climate crisis is an existential threat to the environment and our communities here in Georgia. We must act urgently to ensure bold action is taken to secure a safe and habitable planet for future generations. The push toward renewable energy gives us the opportunity to create good-paying union jobs, upgrade our infrastructure, improve public health, and help to preserve the environment.

I will fight to tackle the climate crisis to ensure all communities in Gwinnett can thrive in the future ahead. I will also support the expansion of MARTA into Gwinnett as part of a comprehensive infrastructure and transportation strategy.

Two Fortune 500 companies – NCR and West Rock – have already left our community for more transit-accessible areas. Investing in MARTA is not only great for our climate, it will also help alleviate traffic congestion in our district and help create even more jobs and spur economic growth right here in Gwinnett.

As state senator, I will fight to:

- Combat climate change and invest in renewable energy

- Create good-paying jobs to build and repair Georgia’s infrastructure

- Expand MARTA into Gwinnett County

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